Q: LAST YEAR, I accepted a job that required me to move to this area. Before that, I'd spent two years working as a model for a sex-cam site (a/k/a a cam girl). It was my main source of income for about a year and a half of those two years. I made decent money doing it, but it was physically and emotionally draining at times, and I was more than happy to leave it in the past when the opportunity for a "real job" came up.

I've been seeing a guy here for several months. Things are going well between us, but I've never told him about my past. All he knows is that I was "out of work" for a while before starting my current job.

Is this something I should let him know about, or am I better off just keeping it to myself?

Steve: In a relationship, the only thing that matters is what happens from the time you meet going forward. Sharing your past is optional. Look on the bright side: If he ever asks you to pose for him, you'll be prepared.

Mia: Tell him! If he's a stuck-up prig, you need to know it now before you get any deeper into this. Unless he plans to run for public office, he probably won't care that you used to pose without your skivvies on. He'll probably think your little secret is hot. Don't be ashamed of your past. It made you the wonderful goddess you are today.

Q: I've been seeing a great guy for about a month and was wondering if it's too soon to invite him home for Thanksgiving. We're not exactly monogamous, but I'm really into him.

Mia: Don't do it, girl. Your relatives will assume that you're in a relationship, and that might make things uncomfortable. Just picture your aunt asking him about his plans for you. That's way too much pressure this early in. Let that dude go his way for T-day, and you go yours. You can always meet up afterward for a little turkey trot, if you catch my drift.

Steve: Family gatherings are the last place to take a new guy. I'd wait at least a year to make sure this isn't just a fling.

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