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How do you separate a mama's boy from his mom on Mother's Day?

Girlfriend is tired of taking a back seat to his mom.

Q: MY BOYFRIEND is a total mama's boy. Not only does he call his mom every single day, but he spends Sundays at her house, too.

I'm dreading this coming Sunday because it's Mother's Day and she's planning a big family dinner and wants me and my son there.

I don't want to go. I'm a mom, too! I feel like I should get to have my own Mother's Day. Why can't she come to our apartment? It's cramped in here but I can make it nice.

My boyfriend and I have been fighting about this for two weeks. He says his mother is old and misses his dad, who moved out when he was a kid. He thinks we should go over to his mom's house to make her happy. But she's only 60! She could live another 20 years.

Please help. Whenever I see her number show up on my husband's phone, my blood pressure skyrockets.

Mia: Time to wise up, girlfriend. You don't want to make your man choose between you and Mommy Dearest. You might lose. If I were you, I'd suck it up and just go. On the way, stop and pick up flowers for her. It'll make your man happy. Isn't that what you really want to do anyway?

Steve: She misses her ex - who moved out decades ago? You need to find this woman a man.

Q: I bumped into my ex-mother-in-law the other day and we had the best conversation. She caught me up on all the family gossip and with what my ex-wife is up to these days. We must have stood in an aisle in the grocery store talking for 30 minutes.

I've been thinking about her ever since and wondering if it would have been rude to ask for her number?

I've always respected her. She's a great woman. She was wearing leggings, so I could see she's in still in great shape.

Mia: Dating your former mother-in-law would be weirder than weird. Unless you're trying to create drama in your life, don't do it.

Steve: I agree with Mia, unless your ex-mother-in-law is Helen Mirren.