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What would you ask Dr. Ruth if you had a chance?

I know you have sex-related problems that you’re dying to see addressed by Dr. Ruth, herself.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer: Coming to the the Walnut Street Theatre for a production based on her life.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer: Coming to the the Walnut Street Theatre for a production based on her life.Read moreTana Lee Alves/

I've been wracking my brain for the past couple of days trying to think of what to ask Dr. Ruth Westheimer when she's back in Philadelphia on Monday.

She'll be at the Walnut Street Theatre's production based on her life called, "Becoming Dr. Ruth." The play, which continues through Dec. 27, tells her inspiring life story of fleeing Nazi Germany as a youngster and decades later emigrating to America and becoming the nation's leading sex expert.

Following the sold-out performance, yours truly will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to interview Westheimer on stage. (The event was arranged as part of the Philadelphia Media Network's Fall Arts Series and includes a giveaway of copies of Westheimer's newest book, The Doctor Is In: Dr. Ruth on Love, Life and Joie de Vivre.)

But I have to get over a serious case of brain freeze. I can't think of where to start. I mean, what would you ask one of America's foremost sexperts when she's sitting right next to you? What non-drug related things can a guy do if he's having trouble getting and maintaining erections?

Or what can be done to help women who sabotage their own orgasms?

One of my male colleagues suggested asking, "When was your last orgasm?" But that would be rude, right? Westheimer's 87 years old. She's not having sex any more. Or is she? Although she's known for being forthright and frank when it comes to sex, she's not big on disclosing personal details anyway, preferring to respond with, "Next question, please."

Another co-worker suggested I ask, "I'm over 6-feet-tall and I wear heels so I know what life is like in the upper stratosphere. But what's it like for someone who's only 4-feet, 7-inches tall?" But that seems awkward, too. I've spent my life having people ask me, "Do you play basketball?" So I know how stupid questions about your height can get really old.

Frankly, I'm at a loss for what to ask. So, help me out. I want to know what would you like to ask Dr. Ruth about sex? Are you 60-something and feeling like your sex life has just dried up?

Or are you thinking of caving in and allowing your daughter's college boyfriend to sleep with her in her bedroom for the Christmas holidays? Maybe you would like to ask Dr. Ruth if this is a good idea since they're sexually active anyway and at least you could snoopervise?

Don't hold back.

I see too many Cialis ads on TV not to believe that people are struggling with erectile dysfunction and trying to stay in the sex game.

One of my publicist buddies has been trying to get me to write about bio-identical hormones, which she swears help stave off the decrepitness of old age and keep you feeling ripe.

I know you have sex-related problems that you're dying to see addressed by Dr. Ruth. I promise that I won't reveal the names of those who send questions. But if I get some really good responses, I'll be sure to follow up next week.

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