Tayana is a sweet, lovable, outgoing 16-year-old who enjoys talking about a variety of subjects. Shopping is one of her favorite pastimes, and she delights in getting the best price for merchandise.

Another interest is arts and crafts, so her most recent purchases included origami and beading kits. Tayana loves having her nails done and her hair styled in braids.

If Tayana could do whatever she wanted for a day, she would go shopping, have her hair done, and create an arts and crafts item.

Tayana describes herself as a positive person who likes helping others and often puts others before herself. She wants to be able to help and feed people who are homeless and hungry. Her career plans include becoming a doctor, lawyer, or psychologist.

Always interested in learning, Tayana enjoys school. Math is her favorite.

To Tayana, family means people who look out for you and care about you. Family members take care of each other. Tayana yearns to have a family that will love her unconditionally and accept her for who she is. She would like to be the only child or have one or two siblings.

Tayana and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.