Q: I SEE ads on TV for people who've lost their desire, but what about those who want it more than ever? I feel like I'm on fire and constantly wanting sex.

What's strange is that I'm at a time in life when the exact opposite is supposed to be happening. My husband thinks I'm a nympho and says I need my head examined. Me, I think it has something to do with getting close to menopausal age.


Mia: I hate to tell you this, but you're going to have to see your gynecologist to check things out. Meanwhile, what's your husband complaining about? He sounds like an old fuddy-duddy.

Steve: The most common problem for women in their middle years is decreased sexual desire, but menopause is a complex hormonal process, so you may be the rare case that goes the other way. Your doctor can help.

Q: Me and my wife need a third opinion really fast. I have a stepkid who lays around the house all damn day playing stupid video games. If he works, it's only part time, maybe 20 hours a week, at a fast-food chain. He makes minimum wage and spends it all on video games. The rest of the time, he's home eating everything and doing nothing.

My wife spoils him rotten. I'm tired of fighting with her about it, so I keep my trap shut. Yesterday, my wife tells me that her godson is down on his luck, too. He wants to come stay with us while he finds a job and gets himself together. I told her hell, no. This ain't no flop house.

She hasn't said much, but I can tell she's mad at me. She has a really big heart - always taking in stray animals - and now she wants to help her godson. We already got a problem that we can't fix. Why would we add on?

Mia: Stand your ground. You can't do much about your stepson, since he's your wife's child. Keep on raising a fuss about him moving out and you'll wind up divorced. But you can keep this other kid from making your home situation worse. If your wife insists on letting the godson move in, seek professional counseling immediately.

Steve: Major decisions like this require agreement by both partners. You rightly vetoed it. She needs to back off.

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