follows the foodie trends, scours the online Paris buzz and highlights what's hot from more than a dozen editors and writers.

What's hot: Sinking your teeth into this blog is like wandering the streets of Paris searching for that perfect chocolate eclair - you don't mind how long it takes, because everything in your path is a delicious temptation. Click on "Our Guide to Paris" to find articles categorized by bakeries, ice cream, and restaurants. Foodie blog addicts should head to "Our Paris Writers" and click on "Blogs by Contributing Editors" to find writers such as Patricia Wells and Clotilde Dusoulier.

What's not: Where's the map? Although the right sidebar enables you to search by neighborhood and price, the drop-down menu only shows postal codes. Unless you know Paris well, the codes might not mean much. I also loved the "Daily Porn" (as in food, not sex) photos, but that section and the "Five Great" under "Regular Features" could have used more recent posts.

- Jen Leo, Los Angeles Times