It's the family-travel website that moms and dads didn't even know they wanted - let alone needed.


What it does: Introduces kid-friendly destinations - along with kid-friendly hotels - in the United States, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico.

What's hot: What slingshots this new family travel website to the head of the line is that its travel suggestions are based on the age of your kids. Just key in the ages (up to three should cover the range) and check out its destination and hotel suggestions, accompanied by photos from real families. Are you a first-time traveling parent? No sweat. MiniTime has a complete packing list for you. Even better, it tells you what to leave at home. If you're not used to booking on the Web, you'll find this site to be a friendly and inviting experience.

What's not: MiniTime encourages you to leave your recommendations for other travelers. That's nice, but beware, it could make you feel guilty that you're not sharing enough. The site features its "Mini-timers" in the right sidebar, along with how many places they've visited and reviews they've written.

- Jen Leo,