Here's a budding crowd-sourced travel guide in the making.


What it does: Offers CLIPS, or a Current Local Information Pack, for destinations around the world. Locals share, in their own words and photos, where to eat and drink and what to see in their favorite locations. Maps, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and sharing capabilities are the cherry on top.

What's hot: The local flavor really stands out, and you can tell when you've found an article written by someone who is both passionate and knowledgeable about the area they are writing about. Some of the posts are thin, but when you get a good one, you know you've found great info. I particularly enjoyed "Cool, Creative, Chilled Paris: a la East London" by Victoria and "Dinner at Dinner? My Favorite New Places to Eat in London" by Reshma.

What's not: The site is so new that it needs populating. I found little content for big American cities, which is great for travel writers or those who want to try their hand at making some money by writing for Clip theTrip. I'd like to see a tag cloud or map on the home page that shows new users which destinations have content and how much, so those just browsing know where to look.

- Jen Leo,

Los Angeles Times