Garmin's newest GPS superstar, the Nuvi 3597 LMTHD, has a crisp, high-resolution, 5-inch color screen and is packed with neat features in a slimmed-down, half-inch-thick, 7-ounce body. Like its Nuvi predecessors, the 3597 attaches to the car windshield with a rubber suction cup and swivel ball system. But gone is the cumbersome bracket the Nuvi had to be clipped into for mounting onto the suction cup device. Instead, you get an unobtrusive little square mount with a back socket that pops onto the suction cup ball, and a powerful front magnet that firmly grabs the Nuvi, but that lets go with a pull. The 3597 adjusts automatically to landscape or portrait mode, has a multi-touch pinch-and-zoom interactive screen, 3D terrain and building-view options, and lifetime (the device's, not yours) maps and traffic updates. You get cutting-edge, voice-activated navigation, traffic tracking, and detour guidance, and Bluetooth wireless technology provides detailed weather updates and access to many of the functions of a paired smartphone, including contact look-up and hands-free calls via the GPS's integrated microphone and speaker. Phone pairing means you'll have to pay your phone service provider for any applicable use and/or data charges, even for such basic information as weather conditions. But that means Garmin won't be milking you with subscription-renewal fees for essential services.