This is a site for global travelers who demand more design and style than the typical backpacker on a post-college, round-the-world romp.


What it does: PoshPacker introduces travelers to hostels and hotels that offer design-driven accommodations without the big price usually attached to them.

What's hot: All accommodations are less than $100, despite the fancy wallpaper, modern beds, and surroundings suitable for the trendiest culture connoisseurs. The website's layout is simple. You immediately get a sense of why a hotel or hostel was hand-picked by PoshPacker. Don't miss the "Perks" and "Privacy" boxes. I was able to quickly scan the page and find out whether WiFi was available and whether the place had a rooftop deck, a good restaurant, or free breakfast - and private, not shared, bathrooms.

What's not: Besides wanting more hostels in more locations, I wanted to see prices, or a price range on the hotel's PoshPacker page, before clicking through the "Book Now" button. And can you please also give us a sense of what ages are appropriate for staying at these gems? I don't want to be the only fortysomething rolling up to the Kex Hostel in Reykjavik, Iceland, or the Seven Hostel in Sorrento, Italy.