Can't decide where to stay? Compare hotel options against home and apartment rentals, B&Bs, hostels and more. puts all your accommodation options in front of you.

What's hot: When you type in your destination, a series of tabs appears across the top of your search results: All, Hotels, Homes & Apts., Rooms & Hostels, B&Bs, and Amazing. You can easily see how many lodging options are in each tab. Get ready to do backflips for the Amazing section. This is where I found the deals. It not only shows you the markdown, but also has links so you can compare prices on other sites, such as Expedia, Jetsetter, Mr. & Mrs. Smith,, IHG, and others. I found five-star hotels marked down more than 50 percent in Las Vegas, London, and the Caribbean. I also found three-star options for less than $30 in some destinations. It's a true time-saver, and I didn't feel the need to comparison-shop on other sites after seeing the options here.

What's not: I'd like to see a sort-by-map option that's easier to use. You narrow your search results by distance and then type in an address or landmark that you'd like to be near, and after that you must click on the mileage link to get a map - that's a lot of steps.