Holiday travel season is upon us, and there may be some infrequent travelers hitting the road, rails, and airways. Shary Nassimi, creator of the UrgentCall emergency service mobile app, offers these Seven Ways to Be Prepared for a Travel Emergency.

Give your loved ones your emergency contact information.

Carry your health insurance card.

Set up and have medevac insurance so you can get airlifted to a medical center that can provide proper medical care.

Leave copies of your plans with someone at home and tell someone where the copies are.

Carry money wisely and in multiple forms. Don't just carry it all in your wallet or only as a card or cash. Mix it up. Put some money in your suitcase; don't just keep it on your person. Have a credit card on hand for emergencies.

Know the lingo. Be able to say, I need help, and Please call police in the local language (or carry a card with the words in local script).

Know yourself, know your locale. If you're traveling abroad, know where your embassy is and how to get there. Know where the nearest hospital and police station are.