This is sneaky. What looks like a typical car remote is actually a spy camera. Swann's HD RemoteCam has a tiny lens and microphone at one end, a key chain at the other, and on top, a power button and a record button masquerading as remote control buttons. (Function lights flicker on to indicate you are recording, but then quickly go off for stealth purposes. Two additional dummy buttons are part of the disguise. The RemoteCam captures full-color 1280-by-720 AVI video files or jpeg still photos, with time and date stamping. A built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery powers up via a side micro USB port (USB cable included). The included 2GB microSD card, which pops into a side slot, will provide about 25 minutes of recording time. You can double that with an (optional) higher-capacity microSD card. This little snooper is billed as a tool for lawyers, salespeople, and law enforcement officers on the go, but it's not like you need a license to shoot (within some self-imposed ethical limits, of course). Though easy to operate, the camera has no viewfinder (hey, it's covert!), so you'll want some target practice.