I love how Bluetooth headphones let you cut the cord - no tugging, no tangling. But there's still the matter of comfort. Earbuds, even the ergonomic ones, feel like earplugs to me, and most on-ear and over-the-ear headphones feel awkward, especially while walking. The new Kinivo URBN Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are a welcome alternative. Sleek, with soft, faux-leather padding at the pivoting 2-inch-wide, 3-inch-high rectangular ear pieces and at the crown, the 1.25-inch-wide headband glides smoothly over the top of your head. Fit is adjusted via dual retractable headband segments, which fold for storage. The controls for pairing, listening to music, switching tracks, and answering and disconnecting calls are on the bottom front rim of the headpiece; volume and power controls are on the back rim. The sound is rich, the range full and crisp for the price.

The URBN comes with a molded flexible zippered case, a micro USB charging cable (a full charge takes about three hours and lasts up to 20 hours), and a 3.5 mm audio cable for devices without Bluetooth capability that plugs into your vehicle's aux port, or for when reception is simply better that way. The headphones come in red, gray, and black.

Kinivo URBN Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are $99 at www.kinivo.com.