After a vigorous day exploring a city  or hiking in the wilds, why get all bent out of shape trying to scrub your aching feet or those hard-to-reach back spots?  Just step into the shower and let McNaughton's Body & Soul bathing accessories do the work with minimal effort on your part. These lightweight polyvinyl shower mats, brushes, and back-scrubber straps have integrated  bristles, bubbles, and bumps that clean, massage, and stimulate skin and muscles like a team of personal spa attendants. All you add is soap. Among my favorites in the Soapy Soles Elite Gift Set, which has at its core the 11-by-5-inch Soapy Soles 3-in-1 Foot Care System mat. One end of the mat has soft grasslike bristles for scrubbing; the other end has firmer thicker "pillars" for stimulating the sole.  In the center is an oval of little bumps for massaging the heels and balls of the feet. Suction cups on the bottom of the mat grip the shower floor and there's a cutout at the top for hanging it up. The set comes with three oval inserts you can swap out with the pop-out bumpy center section of the mat. One insert holds a pumice stone for exfoliating;  another an oval bar of soap; the third a liquid-soap holder (sample liquid soap packet is included) with a built-in roller on top that dispenses suds as you move your foot back and forth over it.  For optimum versatility, choose the Spa Elite Gift Set.  You get the 3-in-1 Foot Care mat (extra inserts are not included but can be bought separately), a double-sided long-handled (15-inch) Elite Bath & Body Brush with scrubbing bristles on one side and a pumice stone on the other, and a hanging liquid soap dispenser with a roller top and suction cups on the bottom.  Both gift sets come in organza drawstring bags.  My favorite item is the Back Spa Back Scrubber, a 42-inch-long, 3-inch wide flexible, twistable polyvinyl strap with ergonomic fish-shaped handles.  One side of the strap is all soft scrubbing bristles; the other side has bumps and triangles for a more stimulating rubdown.  As I write one-handed, I am massaging my scalp (for research purposes) with the 3-inch-diameter Shampoo & Scalp Toning Brush, which has two finger grips. The semisoft  bristles feel divine, wet or dry.

Body & Sole Spa Elite Gift Set is $29.95; Soapy Soles Elite Gift Set (with three inserts), $29.95; Back Spa Back Scrubber, $19.95; Shampoo & Scalp Toning Brush, $5.95; at