Let's face it.  There is no way to wear earmuffs over a baseball-style cap without looking goofy.  Yet, for many of us, these caps —  with team logos, funny sayings, or whatever —  are our hats of choice year round, despite their total indifference to ears that need protection from cold and windy weather.  Who would have thought the solution could be as simple —  and ingenious — as the PolarEx Ball Cap Ear Warmers from Hot Headz? What we have here, thank goodness, is a fleece ear-covering head band with a slot for the cap visor.  Ears and forehead get soft toasty warmth, and the band keeps the cap from flying off your head when the wind kicks up.  If the weather gets milder, just pull off the band and let your cap sit solo.  Putting the band on is certainly not rocket science, but I still managed to do it wrong.  You'll know you've made the same upside-down mistake if the material under the brim droops over your eyes, and the wider area on the sides meant to hug your ears instead juts upward, hugging nothing. Laugh at the duh factor of my correction, but this apparently went over the heads of numerous customer reviewers who denounced the lousy fit described above without considering the flip fix.

PolarEx Fleece Ball Cap Ear Warmers are about $10 at www.hotheadz.net.