All-in-one pet pack: When traveling with my pup, Shayna May, I used to load myself up for walks like a mountaineer facing a tactical climb. Water bottle, drinking bowl, waste bags, treats, cell phone, cash, keys and whatever dangled clunkily from my belt in multiple bags and pouches that banged against me as I moved. I'm a lot more streamlined these days, and clank less, thanks to the Popware for Pets BottlePocket from Dexas.

It's all about consolidation. With a 7-inch by 4.5-inch stretchy neoprene bottle holder as a base, the designers sewed on a cell-phone-size mesh pouch with a Velcro tab closure. Onto that they sewed a zippered neoprene pocket, big enough for credit cards, keys, doggie bags and treats. A 4.5-inch diameter collapsible 8-ounce polypropylene bowl with a tab at the rim clips to the bottle holder's drawstring toggle closure via its detachable carabineer.

The BottlePocket can be worn on a belt or pack or carried by hand using the integrated adjustable cushioned grab strap.

Popware for Pets BottlePocket with Collapsible Travel Bowl is $19.99 in pink, green or blue at