1Kyocera Hydro mobile phone

This Android 4.0 device is waterproof. Our review unit fielded clear calls on the Boost network, loaded apps and pages quickly, and took good pictures and videos, especially outdoors. $85 with pay-as-you-go service.

2Audio Technica Sonic Sport Active Fit headphones

Music makers sound terrific, and stay firmly in place. Dunk 'em under the tap to rinse off sweat and suntan lotion. Certified waterproof for low-pressure water spray. Get them for $63.93 at amazon.com.


Let your iPhone or Android direct (via Bluetooth) the dodging, dashing, rolling movements of this gyroscope-laden, softball-sized plaything, ($100-$149.95 at sale-hot.com). Floats on water and glows at night.

4PetHub ID smart tag

Should your vacationing pup or puss wander, a $19.95 device on its collar lets rescuers reach you via phone, URL, QR code and near field communications chip data!

5Canopied Lounger

Tan that body while shielding your pretty face. A sturdy, dual-hinged canopy swings forward to block UV rays. The beach chair folds to 8 1/2 inches wide, has carry straps and weighs 13 pounds. $149.95 at hammacher.com.