War is the burning hate in the pit of your heart.

It is the cold, relentless sea rolling in and out.

War is the spot of fire in the distance.

It was the thing mankind was not supposed to see.

War is the soul of those that are evil and scorn the name of the good.

War is a collection of blood and gore at its fullest.

It is the point of a sword, sharp and merciless.

Never should such a thing happen at the present or future.

War is the fire in the eyes of men.

It is the barrel of a gun, housing a bullet.

War is the blanket of fog across the streets of London.

Keeping peace is a war itself.

Peace is the angel above the rush of soldiers going into battle.

It means to live life to its fullest.

Peace is the lone soldier standing amidst bloodstained grass and fallen bullets.

It is the indulgence that all men are created equal.