A Friend or a Foe

He's there in the sunlight bright and early

He waiting for me outside so we can go to school

He's my friend

He lives with me and bothers me

He takes care of me and nurtures me

from sun up to sun down

He constantly annoys me everyday

I tell him to be quiet but he ignores me

He does this cause he loves me

Should I cheer him up when he's down

or shall I ignore his immaturity and let him suffer

Should I leave him in the cold where none can escape or shall I comfort him with my respect and duty as an older brother

Why is it that he bothers me

Does he want my attention

Or am I not giving him enough love

I do not understand

What shall I do to make his life and my life better

As we live on we will learn to

trust each other

learn from one another

and to live on as brother.