On the night of March 25-26, an aerial surveyor found that East Goshen Township was harboring 296 deer and that an additional 142 were on its borders.

But after East Goshen spent $17,955 on the count, its deer management committee says the survey only affirmed what that group already knew: The town has a deer problem.

And the committee is uncertain what it will recommend at the June 19 township supervisors' meeting.

"We're looking at some nonlethal" way to deal with the deer population, Jim McRee, chairman of the township deer management committee, said in an interview.

How accurate was the aerial survey?

"We don't know," says the last paragraph of a four-page March 28 report submitted to East Goshen by pilot Larry Davis of Kent, Ohio, and Gregory R. Stockton, head of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services Inc. of Randleman, N.C.

"We believe," they wrote, that "an average of 90 percent is in the ballpark, sometimes better, [sometimes] worse."

After seeing the survey results, the deer management committee did decide, McRee said, that "one of the things we should do in the next few years is another deer count."