There's a bit of an uproar in West Chester over the opening of a new adult novelty store called the Feminique Boutique.

The pastor of nearby St. Agnes Catholic Church, Msgr. Edward Deliman, has warned that the store is "corrupting the morals of the children" who attend the parish school, which is around the corner and about a block away.

One day last week, a sidewalk sign outside the store urged passersby to "Love Yourself ... accessories sold here." We suspect this message had nothing to do with self-esteem.

The door was open, and from the sidewalk one could see a lingerie collection not much racier than what's in the windows of some women's boutiques at the malls. The "accessories" were displayed in a small room and not visible from the street.

St. Agnes wants West Chester to amend its zoning codes to better define what "adult uses" are and where they can be permitted.

Do you think boroughs/townships in Chester County should allow adult novelty stores such as this near elementary schools? How near?

Or should they try to ban them or require them to be a minimum distance from elementary schools, as some towns do for places that offer "live adult entertainment." (Feminique Boutique does not offer "live" anything.)

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