Four seniors at Spring-Ford Area High School recently displayed their artwork in the exhibit "Change" at the Phoenix Village Art Center in Phoenixville. The work of Alex Duncan appeared on April 29. The work of Mike Platco will appear at a later date. Today the works of Lauren Meszaros and Ed Lochocki are shown.

Lauren's piece, Junkyard Chic, used tooling foil, chicken wire, aluminum wire and a dress form. "The impact of change upon mankind is extremely significant," she said. "From Paris to Milan, to New York City and Los Angeles, the evolution of a collection from one season to the next is perpetual. Similar to how sleek and refined lines of the fall morph into the feminine, eccentric silhouettes in the spring, the materials artists use can just as easily change from their most basic forms into elaborate works of art."

Ed used "acrylic paint and destruction on canvas glued to Masonite," to create his Jen e Peux pas Penser à un Titre. "The scene I chose to paint is distorted because mental images are often distorted, and generic because I believe that one should strive to leave behind mediocrity," he said. "I chose to leave my piece unframed because a frame implies value, and this picture is supposed to be something that is left behind during the process of change."

The destruction was done with a razor, a chisel, and a hunk of metal from his drum set.

The students spent several months meeting with students from other high schools who participated in the 2007 Regional High School Art Consortium to prepare for the exhibit. Other high schools that participated this year included Upper Moreland, Lower Moreland and Phoenixville Area.