An energetic youngster, David, 9, delights in a variety of physical activities. He enjoys basketball, video games, riding his bike, and showing off his intricate moves on dance mats. He also loves cars and was thrilled recently to visit a go-kart facility, where he expertly maneuvered his car around the track.

David is quiet and shy until he feels comfortable enough to open up, especially with adults. He attends a private school where he receives emotional support. His favorite classes are math, reading and gym. David has made great progress in expressing himself more effectively and forming good relationships with other children. Playing sports is another means of channeling his emotions in a positive way.

He is working hard to overcome behavioral challenges that have resulted from the trauma and instability he has experienced in his young life. David hopes to have a permanent home. Becoming part of a family and having a consistent routine would be very beneficial for him. It would be best if he were the only child in the home, so that he could be the primary focus of his adoptive parents' love and attention.