Donye, 8, wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up because he loves dogs. A very active child, he enjoys playing sports, especially basketball. Other favorite pastimes include playing video games and watching television. He has also been involved in karate.

Donye likes school and takes pleasure in completing his school work. One of his teachers describes him as "insightful." He is a quick learner and has the ability to excel academically. Math and computers are the classes he likes most. He also participates in a cooking class, where he bakes cookies and makes chicken nuggets, and a science class, where he interacts with animals.

Donye has experienced many separations and losses in his young life, which have affected his self-esteem and his ability to trust. He responds well to attention, praise, and motivation. Donye gets along well with other children and would benefit from a home where he would have siblings his age or older.

He yearns for a "forever" family that will accept him, love him unconditionally, and understand that it will take time to earn his trust. He is eligible for financial subsidy.