Very intelligent and charismatic, 10-year-old Thomas eagerly engages in conversation. He enjoys spending one-on-one time with others, especially when he gets a hug to start and end his day. Extremely patient with other children, he teaches them how to play games and to create arts and crafts projects. In his foster placement, he helps cook and often suggests desserts.

Thomas looks forward to going to school, where he benefits from special education services and individual attention. He participates in karate and other activities that help build his strength and coordination. He also attends religious education classes and a Boys and Girls Club.

Thomas has experienced much trauma and chaos in his young life. Through therapy he is learning to increase his confidence and to express his emotions more effectively. He would thrive in an adoptive family that would provide the love, consistency and sense of security that he needs. A Lifebook - an ongoing record of his life, including photos, souvenirs, documents and other items as well as his comments - has been started for him, and he looks forward to sharing it with a "forever" family. He is eligible for financial support.