Brave, intelligent, creative, fun

are some of the words that describe Stephanie.




could be added to the list. The 17-year-old has set her sights on becoming a neonatal nurse. She is enrolled in a nursing vocational school to prepare for attending a college with a nursing program.

For the present, Stephanie is involved in activities including biking, swimming, bowling, soccer, and spending time with her many friends. She also enjoys singing, dancing, and cheerleading. She especially loves singing praise and worship music in her church choir.

A talented writer, Stephanie frequently composes poetry about her experiences. An example of her work: "A little girl's eyes, being cold and alone with no place to call home, being different." She wants very much to be adopted and has created her profile so that prospective "forever" families can read about her. Stephanie has endured much adversity and would thrive in a loving, patient family who would provide a stable environment and help her reach her potential. "I would like to be in a family that treats me the same as their own children," she says.