City Council pushed into the school-funding fight yesterday, passing a resolution that calls on Gov. Corbett and the Legislature to continue to fund full-day kindergarten.

Corbett's proposed budget cuts would eliminate grants that fund after-school programs and full-day kindergarten, according to advocates. The resolution was introduced by Council members Jannie Blackwell, Bill Green and Curtis Jones Jr.

"You think we're in trouble now . . . it would hurt families everywhere," Blackwell said. "People won't be able to work. It affects socialization and education of children."

Next month Blackwell hopes to have Council hearings with the school district to discuss a number of issues, including the district's massive budget deficit, as well as her hope for the district to employ more counselors, and nurses and have libraries in more schools.

The district said Wednesday that it plans to lay off nearly 4,000 workers, including 1,260 teachers, 180 counselors and 51 nurses. It also plans to offer only half-day kindergarten.

"It's so important to the lives of children everywhere," Blackwell said. "All kids deserve an education. It is an important issue."

- Jan Ransom