PHILADELPHIA What is your dream?

Thousands answered that question all week at the Dreamcatcher exhibit by Collingswood florist Michael Bruce at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which ends Sunday.

Instructions were to write a dream on a sheet of paper, fold it into a paper airplane, and let it fly into the exhibit.

"A trip around the world," wrote Petra Martin of Hamburg, Pa.

"To be happy together," wrote Tim McCuen, 19, and Anna Outkin, 17, of Newtown in Bucks County, signing both names. ("I'm not even a fan of flowers," McCuen said, thrilled at this romantic interlude. "My mom bought us tickets.")

"Peace throughout the world," wrote Edna Gray, 90, of Ardmore. She then folded and set sail the first paper airplane of her life. Took three tries to reach the exhibit.

"For my children to grow up and think they had the best life and pass it on to the next generation," wrote Andrea Muller, 35 of Macungie, Pa.

Alanna Herfindahl, 3, of Newark, Del., scribbled on a page. Grandmother Terry Herfindahl folded and translated: "Go to Disneyworld."

"To live a long and happy life with my love," wrote Sheila Strack, 51, of Hatboro. "To return to Trevi Fountain in Rome," wrote her husband, Christopher Strack, 51.

They dated in high school. He married and moved away. In 2008, she went to that fountain and wished he would reenter her life. In 2009, a single father of three, he looked her up on In 2010, they wed.

"I never married," she said. "I loved only him."

Anna Montroy, 8, Jenkintown: "To help people."

Naomi Montroy, 10: "No more wars."

Emma Montroy, 13: "One day we will live with no homeless people and no homeless animals."

"To be able to paint and draw somewhere sunny," wrote Johanna Brams, 64, of Bethlehem, Pa.

"To go to Vegas," wrote Cody Kowalick, 13, of Hazleton, Pa.

"My dream is to have 500 four-leaf clovers so I can make lots of wishes," wrote Colette Wendland, 6, of Browns Mills, N.J.

"I didn't have one," said Jake Korch, 18, of Doylestown. "I just wanted to make a paper airplane."

His girlfriend, Heather Suwala, 17, of Chalfont, wrote, "My dream is go on vacation to Greece." Tossing her plane, she added, "he can go with me."

Cory Solar, 48, of the Queen Village section of Philadelphia, dreamed for peace and health and added one more thing: "For my dog to live to a ripe old age." She rescued Violet Blue, a pit bull mix, from a shelter.

"My dream would be for my sweetheart, an injured police officer, who has suffered multiple strokes and forced into early retirement, to have a miracle happen and get better and return to the job that he cherished and loved," wrote Peggy McKenna, 54, of Philadelphia.

"My dream is to get a Hogwarts acceptance letter," wrote Sydney Lang, 16, of Doylestown.

"I want one day to enter the flower show," wrote Leticia Guerra, 15, of Upper Darby.

"My dream is to spend my life on a tropical island with my true wuv. Coffee and margaritas daily," wrote Michele Celauro, 23, of Manahawken, N.J. She will soon marry Brian Wadsworth, 27.

Many were like these:

"I dream I will be debt-free one day" - Brenda Devine, 64, Gloucester City.

"To be debt-free and a job for my dad." - Rebecca Adams, 28, Baltimore.

"My dream is to be debt-free and live near my daughter." - Gloria Wagner of Danielsville, Pa.

"My dream is to be a race car driver," wrote Justin Kemmerer, 27, a financial applications consultant in Hershey, Pa. He added: "That would be more exiting than my day job."

"All my kids desire to walk with God," wrote Donna Forrest, 57, of Yardley. Her plane then sailed over the top of the exhibit.

"Look!" she gushed, "it's on its way to heaven!"

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