Update: A suspect has surrendered in the 'knockout game" attack, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood reports. He is identified as Trent Epps, 18.

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The video is chilling.

A teen engages in conversation with an older man sitting at a trolley station, then turns and delivers a vicious sucker punch to the man's head - all evidently staged for a friend's cellphone camera.

Now police are looking for four people connected with the assault.

"In my opinion, this was a cowardly, despicable, violent, mean-spirited act," said Michael J. Chitwood, superintendent of the Upper Darby police.

The incident occurred around 1 p.m. last Wednesday at the Aronimink Avenue station, which the 58-year-old victim frequents.

"I'm a victim at a trolley stop," he said Tuesday, adding that he did not want his name used or attention. His explanation: "I'm damn near 60."

The man said he holds no grudges against the attacker or his companions, whom he had never seen before.

"I would hope they would stop so they wouldn't disappoint their mothers and fathers for the rest of their lives," he said.

He leaned back on the metal slats of the bench outside the small brick station house in Drexel Hill, dressed in a black T-shirt with the XBOX 360 logo, black pants, and a Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. A duffel beside him held his belongings. He lives nearby, he said as he adjusted his cap.

The man said that he called 911 after the random attack.

"Yeah, and I hung up," he said. "No one answered the phone after a minute and 41 seconds - exactly a minute and 41 seconds. So, I hung up. Damn good thing I wasn't bleeding to death, I'd be dead by now."

Shortly after the video was posted on Facebook, police began receiving calls from outraged viewers.

"Social media, once again, has been a great asset to us in the investigation," Chitwood said. "We are just being inundated with calls now."

Chitwood said police expect to make an arrest soon.

When police found him the day after the attack, the victim refused to go to the hospital.

"I'm fine, as always," he said, gesturing to the small reddish line still visible above his left eye. "This ain't nothing. No stitches, no laceration. They didn't break my glasses, either."

He said he grew up in Germany where his father, career Army, was stationed; has moved 46 times; and has lived in nine European counties and three states. He said he attended a Delaware County vo-tech school and graduated from Upper Darby High School.

To make money, he said, he repairs motorcycles. "I fixed Harleys from the ground up," he said.

His advice to the four involved in the assault: Leave people alone, find something constructive to do, and "get back to life and keep peace."

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