A Northeast Philadelphia man has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting of a man he encountered in his daughter's bedroom in September, police said Tuesday.

Charles Jordan, 41, told police he shot Marc Carrion, 32, once in the head, believing Carrion had broken into his 20-year-old daughter's bedroom inside the Holme Circle Apartments on Sept. 15.

Jordan told police the man lunged at him. His daughter, Brenda, later told investigators that Carrion was an acquaintance she had let into the apartment.

The arrest "comes after a lengthy investigation," said Tasha Jamerson, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office - which included, she said, statements Brenda Jordan made to homicide detectives, and a review of a 911 call made during the shooting.

The criminal complaint states that Charles Jordan shot the man "while acting under a sudden and intense passion, resulting from serious provocation by the deceased."

Jordan, a hotel worker with no criminal history, was arraigned Monday and released after posting $15,000 bail. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 11.

Jordan's attorney, Todd Henry, said Tuesday that Jordan "regrets what happened" but "maintains his innocence."

"He realizes what happened that night was a tragedy," Henry said, "but the actions only happened because he felt threatened in his home, and he feared for his personal safety and his daughter's personal safety."

Charles Jordan, according to law enforcement sources, said he grabbed his gun after hearing noises that made him think someone had broken into his daughter's bedroom.

Entering the room, he told police, he noticed something wrong with the window, then saw a man crouched in a corner.

On the 911 recording, the sources said, Jordan could be heard shouting at Carrion not to move. He told police he pulled the trigger after Carrion lunged at him.

Brenda Jordan can be heard on the tape screaming after the shot, the sources said.

She originally told police that Carrion had come into the apartment from the bedroom window, the sources said. But she later told detectives that she had known Carrion for about a month.

Police recovered drug paraphernalia in the bedroom, the sources said.