Philadelphia police have arrested a man in connection with a stabbing that seriously wounded an employee of the singer Nicki Minaj last week, a law enforcement source said Monday night.

Pierce Boykin, 31, faces a charge of attempted murder, the source said. Boykin allegedly stabbed a 27-year-old man early Wednesday in a fight outside an East Germantown bar.

Another employee of Minaj's, De'Von Pickett, was killed in the same fight by a different assailant, the source said.

Pickett, a road manager for Minaj's forthcoming tour, and his coworker were in town to begin rehearsals. Last Tuesday night, they were drinking with friends at Che Bar & Grill on Stenton Avenue when a woman came in and began arguing with the bartender, a friend of the group's, the source said. As the dispute escalated, the bar's owner ordered all patrons out.

Pickett and his friends waited for the bartender outside. When she arrived, another fight ensued that was apparently related to the argument inside the bar, the source said. Pickett and his friends tried to defuse the situation, sources have said.