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Sex assault suspects caught by cops and victim's family

The assailants were just 14 and 16

TWO TEENS who allegedly sexually assaulted a young woman Thursday night in Port Richmond were captured separately - one by police and one by the victim's family - moments after the assault.

The 19-year-old victim was walking home from the gym and talking on her cellphone when the two assailants, ages 14 and 16, touched her from behind on Richmond Street near Wheatsheaf Lane around 10:20 p.m., police said.

The teens tried to start a conversation with the woman, but she continued to talk to her friend on the phone. However, the boys believed she was talking to police and knocked the phone out of her hand and announced a robbery, cops said.

One of the boys pulled out a handgun, and they both forced the woman behind some cars and sexually assaulted her, according to authorities.

After that assault, the boys dragged the victim up a path to a set of railroad tracks, where they sexually assaulted her again, police said.

They then took cash from the young woman's wallet and her headphones before fleeing the scene.

Little did the assailants know that the victim was speaking to someone who heard the assault over the phone and called the victim's family and police.

Both law-enforcement officers and the victim's family canvassed the neighborhood, and each group found one of the assailants, police said.

The woman positively identified both of her attackers, and the boys were found to be in possession of the victim's headphones and $148 they'd stolen from her wallet.

The teens were charged with sexual assault, simple assault, firearms violations and related offenses.

Because they were charged as juveniles, the names of the attackers will not be released, police said.