Warminster Township has agreed to pay $650,000 to the family of an 89-year-old woman mistakenly killed by police during a wild shootout at a Street Road apartment complex two years ago, according to a copy of the settlement.

The agreement, reached last fall, absolves the township and its police department of blame in the death of Marie Zienkewicz, who was struck in a shoulder by an officer's bullet in February 2013 while a neighbor was shooting at police.

As part of the settlement, Warminster agreed to provide its officers with "critical incident training." At the family's request, it also said it would make a book donation to the Warminster Library in Zienkewicz's name.

Steve Wiesner, Warminster township manager, referred a request for comment to the lawyer who worked on the deal for the township. That lawyer, Chris Boyle, said only, "The matter has been resolved."

Representatives for the Zienkewicz family could not be reached for comment.

Zienkewicz was killed in her apartment on Feb. 19 after police responded to a report that Andrew Cairns, who lived in the apartment above Zienkewicz's, was trying to kill himself.

When officers arrived, Cairns apparently began shooting at them out his window.

Police scattered for cover. With chaos swirling, Cairns' girlfriend apparently wandered by Zienkewicz's ground-floor door. Zienkewicz cracked her door to try to pull the woman inside to safety.

A police officer mistook Zienkewicz's door for Cairns' and fired four shots, hitting Zienkewicz in a shoulder and killing her.

Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler called the shooting a "tragic mistake" and took the unusual step of not only excusing the officer who fired the shot, but filing homicide charges against Cairns, now 51.

Cairns, who Heckler said was intoxicated at the time of the shootout, eventually pleaded guilty to third-degree murder. He is serving a 14- to 30-year prison sentence.