A man was killed early Wednesday after his speeding car ping-ponged down a North Philadelphia street, smashing into several traffic lights and a building before bursting into flames.

The driver was so badly burned that police couldn't remove the body from the wreckage, said Cpl. Lisa Bachman of the Accident Investigation District. They towed the wrecked car, the body still inside, to the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office.

"It doesn't even look like a vehicle. It just looks like a piece of twisted steel. It has so much damage to it, it's hard to even tell that it was a car," Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters at the scene.

The accident happened at 1:30 a.m. at North 2nd Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue. The driver of a 2014 Infiniti was speeding east when he hit a tree and several street and traffic lights, toppling all over, before slamming into a building and erupting in fire, Bachman said. Firefighters doused the fire and found the body.

So many McDonald's cups and other debris related to the restaurant were scattered around the wreckage that investigators are checking to see if the driver was an employee.

Investigators determined the car was registered to someone outside the city, Bachman added.