Police are expected to have a beefed up presence in Center City Thursday afternoon after six teens were arrested following a melee involving about 100 youths.

The disturbance occurred after school Wednesday in the area of 15th and Market Streets on an afternoon when the temperature hit 80 and people were out in numbers enjoying the good weather.

"Weather has brought large number of students to Center City. While many are enjoying day, some are out of control," SEPTA Police Chief Thomas J Nestel III tweeted.

Police said fighting broke out when a large number of youths converged on the area.

"What we had this afternoon was a significant number of kids - close to 100 - that were just wandering around looking for trouble," SEPTA Police Inspector Steven Harold told 6ABC.

Police said six teens - two girls, 14 and 16 and four boys, 15, 16 (2), and 17 - were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Nestel later tweeted: "As with everything, a small group makes everyone look bad. Kids enjoying the weather downtown smeared by the behavior of the few."

The weather is expected to be just as nice Thursday.