Here is a case synopsis from the Bucks County District Attorney's Office affidavit of probable cause in the alleged sexual abuse case of Lee Kaplan, 51, of Feasterville.

2008: Kaplan began staying in the Stoltzfus's Lancaster County home. Assault of Sister No. 1, now 18, began. She was 10.

2010: Kaplan began having sex with Sister No. 1, now age 12.

2012: Sister No. 1, now age 14, and Sister No. 2, age 13, moved into Kaplan's Feasterville home. Sister No. 3, age 11, began visiting the Feasterville home and Kaplan began having sex with her. Sister No. 4, age 10, began staying in Kaplan's bed "more than once a week" and he began having sex with her. Kaplan began abusing Sister No. 5, age 6, in the residence.

2013: Sister No. 1's first child was born. Kaplan took Sister No. 2, age 14, as his wife and began having sex with her about once a month. Sister No. 3, age 12, moved into the home.

2015: Sister No. 1's second child was born.

2016: In January, Sister No. 6 turned 8, and Kaplan began having sex with her. By now, nine sisters and their mother were living in the home. The abuse of all six girls is reported to have continued until June 2016, when they were discovered by authorities thanks to a tip from a neighbor.

11 GIRLS found in the home:

Abused sisters:

- Age 18

- Age 17

- Age 15

- Age 13

- Age 10

- Age 8

Other sisters:

- Age 7

- Age 5

- Age 3

Children of Sister No. 1 and Kaplan:

- Age 3

- Age 1

- Justine McDaniel