Thunderstorms swept into the area Monday night, bringing with them gusty winds, small hail and always dangerous cloud-to-ground lightening. All showers and leftover storms will slip off the coast Tuesday, allowing for a return to sunshine and pleasantly mild temperatures.

The return of the Big Chill

On Wednesday, a modified polar front will lead to afternoon showers and scattered storms. Temperatures will still be in the 60s, however unseasonably cold air will greet you Thursday as temperatures by day hover in the middle 50s.

Some parts of the Philadelphia region could be hit with frost either Friday or Saturday morning as the thermometer falls back into the winter-like 30s. How widespread will the frost be? It will depend on the amount of cloud cover and a light or near calm wind. Clear and calm conditions are the best case scenario for widespread frost.


Tonight: Showers and possible severe storms. Evening temps in the 70s.

Tuesday: Early clouds, with maybe leftover showers in South Jersey, then becoming sunny. High 70.

Wednesday: Afternoon scattered showers and a chance of a possible storm. High 66.

Thursday: Brisk and chilly. High 56.

Friday: Brisk and chilly: 55. With the possibility of frost in the morning. Temps at 6 a.m. could be 39 in the city, 34 in the burbs.

Saturday: Brisk and chilly with a chance of morning frost. Morning low could reach 40 in the city, 34 in the suburbs. Afternoon high 58.

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