(Impact statement of the rape victim in the Omar Cash case -- the girlfriend of murder victim Edgar Rosas-Gutierrez -- read by a prosecutor Wednesday in Bucks County Court prior to Cash's sentencing. The victim is not being named because of the nature of the crime.)

The defendant finished with my life. It is something that will stay with me forever. I try not to talk about it because it hurts me too much.

My life will never be the same. Sometimes I feel that it would have been better if he had killed me. I just want justice because I do not want him to do it again to someone else. Even a pet does not deserve to suffer like that, imagine a human being.

There is nothing in the world (neither money nor visa) that could pay for what Edgar and I went through.

The reason why I left Brazil and came here is because I wanted to run away from my husband who was very abusive. I got here and finally met Edgar who loved and respected me. Then, all of the sudden somebody comes and takes him away from my life.

Edgar always understood me. He never cursed me. He was always a gentleman with me. He cared for me. Edgar had plans to marry me and go back to Brazil with me. He couldn't wait to meet my children.

We had a dream and now it has been taken away from us.

I am grateful to God to be alive so I can testify. If the defendant had killed me, I wouldn't be able to ask the Court for justice. He is not a human being to me. He is heartless.

I just ask God to make justice as well as the Court.