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Philadelphia Police officer arrested by FBI in scheme to rob drug dealer of $15,000

A Philadelphia Police narcotics officer was suspended today with intent to dismiss after being charged in an daring scheme to rob drug dealers.

Jeffrey Walker, a 24-year-veteran of the force, allegedly concocted plans to set up the dealers and shared the ideas with someone who he did not know was an FBI informant. The informant recorded their meetings, according to court papers.

The scheme came to a head yesterday when Walker allegedly planted an ounce of cocaine in a drug dealer's car, had the car pulled over, took the drug dealer's house key, and later went to the jailed man's house where Walker allegedly stole $15,000 as the informer took five pounds of marijuana.

Though he was arrested on a Tuesday, Walker had originally told the informant that he had planned the scheme for a Monday.

Why Monday? It was Walker's day off for starters.

But according to the affidavit, Walker said it was also because he does "all my dirt on Mondays."

Walker's alleged schemes started small. On May 6, Walker described a plan to rob a dealer of a half brick of marijuana:

"Let me grab the m…. f…. as he has the brick already on him," Walker allegedly said. "I could rob him for the half a brick."

On May 17, Walker brought up a more lucrative plan with the informer to break into a drug dealer's house, according to court documents.

Yesterday, May 21, Walker allegedly was seen placing a container inside the drug dealer's Volkswagon Jetta as it was parked outside Spiro's Bar on Girard Avenue.

Less than an hour later, police pulled over the drug dealer's car near 6th and Vine Streets. Walker said he was driving through the area when he spotted the Jetta driving erratically, according to the affidavit. After writing up the police report, Walker directed Highway Patrol officers to take the car to headquarters to be searched. The search turned up an ounce of cocaine.

Before midnight, Walker and the informant were seen entering the drug dealer's house on the 5600 block of Florence Avenue.

As the two exited, FBI agents swept in and arrested them. Along with his police service revolver, Walker had $15,000 in cash on him. The informer was carrying five pounds of marijuana.

According to the affidavit, Walker admitted planning the false arrest of the drug dealer, planting the cocaine in his vehicle, taking the man's house key and using the key to enter his house to take the $15,000 inside.

Walker was one of five Philadelphia Police officers accused of false arrest and malicious prosecution in connection with a 2003 incident. He was also named in federal civil rights case in the 2006 beating of a plumber at a Chinese restaurant, and a 2007 beating and false arrest of a pool player in Northeast Philadelphia.

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