The names of 20 people will be added to a "Wall of Honor" at Pennsbury High School's West Campus this morning during a ceremony to mark Memorial Day.

The wall, inside the school, was established in 2001 to keep alive the memory of relatives of students and staff who died while in the military or in the Sept 11, 2001 attacks. It displays plaques naming the honorees, plus other memorabilia. The students who nominated the honorees and honorees' family members will be on hand for the ceremony.

This year's additions to the wall died in WW II, Korea, Vietnam and on Sept. 11, school officials said. The stories of three of them will be read by Paul Greiner, the teacher coordinating the event. David Christian, a decorated Vietnam Veteran from Bucks County, will attend and will later give a talk to a class at the school.

There will also be a video played during the ceremony, showing the dedication of the Morrisville Post office in the name of Nate DeTample, a 2004 Pennsbury high graduate who died in Iraq in August, 2005. DeTample, an Eagle Scout and a wrestler at Pennsbury High who served in the Pennsylvania National Guard, was 19 when he died.