A teacher at Coatesville Area Senior High School had to eat bugs, and the principal shaved off his mustache as part of the school's Pennies for Patients fund-raising campaign in late April.

The school's Leo Club, the student version of the Lions club, the international volunteer service organization, raised money from April 21 to 25 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Five teachers came up with stunts, which included braiding hair into cornrows, dressing as a matador, and wearing roller skates in school for a day, that they would perform. Students donated to the teacher whose stunt they wanted to see happen the most.

Principal Robert Fisherpledged to shave off his mustache - which the 51-year-old had since he was 18 - if the students raised $1,500 overall.

English teacher Dave Trionfetti raised the most money, ensuring that he had to follow through and eat bugs on the televised morning announcements. He was joined by Fisher, who had his mustache shaved off. CASH students raised $1,700, and their principal said he's sticking with the mustache-free look.

"Everyone says I look younger. Mrs. Fisher [his wife] is the boss, and she says she likes it, so it's staying," said Fisher.

   Will Hobson