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‘Bark mitzvah’ doc with Temple ties makes CBS dog show

It's been quite a dog's life for Elvis.

It's been quite a dog's life for Elvis.

In November, the Parson Russell terrier celebrated his $10,000 bark mitzvah - yes, bark as in bow-wow - with Dr. Ruth and dozens of other guests at a New York steakhouse.

Yesterday, CBS announced that Elvis and his owner, Temple-trained physician David Best, will be one of the 12 teams on the summer reality series, Greatest American Dog.

The show, which debuts at 8 p.m. July 10, will award $250,000 to the duo whose tricks most impress the judges.

Best, who grew up in Camden, got his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine after graduating from Franklin and Marshall in Lancaster.

He wound up in New York, where, according to CBS, he became "your typical Upper-East side New York doctor who enjoyed trendy restaurants and the hottest Broadway shows."

Then, two years ago, Best got Elvis from a top breeder in Connecticut - and became like a doting dad.

Best, raised in a close Jewish family, even wipes a tear from his eye as Elvis "reads" from the Torah in a YouTube video of bark mitzvah highlights (see

He also holds Elvis as they dance to "Hava Nagila" with a circle of guests.

(Bark mitzvahs are held when a pooch turns 13 in dog years - just under 2 in human years.)

And, look, there's Elvis riding in a red sports car with Best when you go to, the Web site for one of Best's businesses, MDea, "the most creative Med Ed company in the world" it proclaims. Click "About Us," and the third bio is Elvis', under "Office Pet."

Best, who has an MBA as well, also founded, whose short medical videos make it "Internet TV for doctors," the site says.

All the contestants, human and canine, have been asked to live together for 40 days and get along - which viewers may see fur fly.

"He's already got a problem, I think, with the boxer," Best says of Elvis on a video.

Elvis better watch out - or he could wind up in the show's real dog house.