It only took a week.

The stench caused by Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez apparently has enveloped David Ortiz, too.

Big Papi's season-long slump is being assigned by many to previous steroid use. He was using when he was clubbing home runs, the theory goes, and when he went off the juice, his power disappeared.

The public's rush to judgment was detailed yesterday by's Howard Bryant, who was buried in e-mails suggesting Big Papi was as dirty as Manny or A-Rod.

Bryant talked to Ortiz by phone yesterday and the big slugger made a salient point.

After saying he'd been drug tested "about 20" times since 2004, Ortiz said the time has come for more testing.

"I said it a long time ago," Ortiz told Bryant. "I said if you want to get this stuff out of the game, don't do random tests - test every player.

"Don't come in once and test two or three guys. Test everybody, in season and out of season. And if you still use and you get caught, then you should be suspended for the whole year. I said that a long time ago, and nobody listened."

What's the verdict? A streaker who disrupted a New York Mets game by jumping onto Citi Field naked except for a stuffed monkey tied around his waist pleaded not guilty to trespassing charges, prosecutors said.

If he was on the field, and he was naked, and he's not guilty, what really happened? Did 40,000 people suffer from the same optical illusion?

Where were The Dead? When former NBA player Corie Blount went before a judge in Hamilton, Ohio, yesterday to be sentenced on drug charges, he probably didn't expect humor from the bench.

Blount was arrested Dec. 4 after sheriff's deputies intercepted 11 pounds of marijuana sent to him at a relative's house. Investigators said they found another 18 pounds in a subsequent search of his home.

Although Judge Craig Hedric did not sentence the former 76er to the maximum 10 years in prison (Blount got one year), he rejected Blount's claim that the marijuana was intended for personal use and to share with friends.

"Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much," Hedric told Blount.

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