It was Jon and Kate plus a court date today in Norristown.

Although Kate Gosselin wasn't there, Family Court Judge Arthur R. Tilson ordered the stars of TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus Eight to continue arbitration on matters related to their bitter divorce.

The judge scheduled their next court session for late November. The pair, who have eight children, split in June amid rumors of marital infidelities denied by both sides.

Following the brief hearing, Jon Gosselin said he had returned $230,000 he took this summer from the couple's joint marital account.

"I was held accountable for my actions and I returned the funds," he said on the steps of the Montgomery County courthouse. "How is she being held accountable? I don't care where the money is. I just want her to account for it, and prove it."

Mark Albert Momjian Kate Gosselin's Philadelphia attorney, said Kate Gosselin had submitted a full accounting of children's and household expenditures to the arbiter in the case, before the hearing.

The filing, Momjian said, "had fully and completely met her obligation."

Looking tanned and rested, Gosselin, 32, stood by while his New York attorney, Mark Jay Heller, lambasted Kate Gosselin 34, for not appearing in court.

"For Kate Gosselin to fail to come to court today is an affront to the judicial system and disrespectful to her husband," Heller said. "Jon Gosselin has made every attempt to extend the olive branch. She burns the olive branch and walks away."

Momjian responded that Kate Gosselin wasn't required to appear in court because she had satisfied the arbiter's need for financial disclosure. She was in California attending a women's conference hosted by Maria Shriver, Momjian said.

Heller has no standing to practice in Pennsylvania, so he couldn't represent Jon Gosselin in the courtroom after his local counsel, Charles J. Meyer, of Blue Bell, withdrew before the case was heard today. Tilson accepted Meyer's move; Meyer had no comment.

Offered a chance to address the court in the absence of counsel, Gosselin replied: "I don't know what to say."

Jon Gosselin said later he wasn't satisfied with the disclosure, and Heller alleged that Kate Gosselin spent $33,000 in cash, $26,000 of it in two weeks, without accounting for it.

Momjian said in a phone interview he wouldn't discuss individual line items. "I'm not going to make further comment because the court has already determined that she is in compliance," Momjian said.

The Gosselins have been married 10 years. The reality show has chronicled their lives while raising their twins, Cara and Mady, and sextuplets Colin, Hannah, Leah, Joel, Aaden and Alexis.

The couple have said they would keep their Pennsylvania home and take turns living there to minimize the disruption in their children's lives. Jon Gosselin said the children don't know "we're in court."

He said he is taking his career plans "day by day," but that they likely will continue to be something in the field of reality TV.