When Nicole King of Williamstown found a cell phone, she probably thought she had nothing to lose by asking for a reward.

Instead of getting money, though, she wound up getting arrested and charged with theft by Gloucester Township police.

Apparently, King found the phone at the scene of a May 8 motorcycle accident that sent a man to Cooper University Medical Center in critical condition, police said.

Over the weekend, the victim's mother got a call from King, who said she found the son's phone, but wanted a reward to return it, police said.

King heard from Gloucester Township police instead. She admitted finding the phone, but said that "she possibly lost it" and that "the phone was possibly in the trash and that the police department should check the dump," according to police.

Later that evening, King told the investigator she threw the phone back on the street where she found it, saying, "It did not pay to be a good Samaritan."

No, but the paybacks can be a pain if you're not, apparently.

King was charged with theft of lost, mislaid property.

The phone had not been recovered as of Thursday evening.

The accident happened at the intersection of Berlin Cross Keys Road and Williamstown Road.

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