A Vineland woman made up not one but two dramatic stories to cover up the theft of a laptop computer, authorities said.

Sara Blasse, 23, was in a Vineland Hospital Saturday when she told police that her arm was broken after she was thrown to the ground by a carjacker.

Later she told police that she broke her arm in a car crash. She added that she was having sex with the driver, a male prostitute, when the car careered into a tree in Chesilhurst.

Neither story held up. But the truth was nearly as outrageous.

Authorities said Blasse and her boyfriend, Henry Goode Jr., 27, stole a laptop computer from a car early Saturday morning.

The laptop's owner spotted the theft and called police. Goode, driving Blasse's Kia Sorrento, eluded police but crashed the car into a tree at Atlantic and Sherman Avenues in Chesilhurst. The impact broke Blasse's arm, said Jason Laughlin, spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor's office.

To cover up the crash, Goode and Blasse tried to torch the car. When they failed to ignite the gas tank, Goode and Blasse fled in different directions, Laughlin said.

Goode broke into a South Jersey Gas facility in Winslow and allegedly stole one of the company's vans, driving it through a fence. He abandoned the van in Atlantic County where he tried to light it on fire. Again he failed. He fled to his home in nearby Newtownville, Laughlin said.

Meanwhile, Blasse called Goode's brother to take her to a hospital. Instead he took her to his home, where her parents collected her and drove her to South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center in Vineland. It was there she spun the carjacking and male prostitute stories for police, Laughlin said.

Goode was arrested at his home Wednesday. The stolen laptop was returned to its owner, Laughlin said.

Blasse and Goode were charged with aggravated arson, burglary, two counts of theft and related counts. Blasse was released on bail and Goode is being held at the Camden County Jail.