The billionaire has thrown the streaker a bone.

The Beverly Hills mogul, who promised $1 million to the first person to bare all in front of President Obama, will give the unemployed painter a payout.

It'll just be much smaller than expected.

Alki David, the heir to a shipping fortune, is calling it a "generous consolation prize."

Others might call it "shrinkage."

David will give Juan Rodriguez enough cash to cover six-months rent on the naked runner's Staten Island apartment, said an attorney to Rodriguez.

David will also pay for some of the cost of medical treatment for Rodriguez's sick sister, according to reports.

Rodriguez, who has three children under 3-years-old, took up David's challenge Oct. 10 as Obama delivered a speech at a rally in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood.

The stunt was designed to promote an Internet website that David owns.

Rodriguez stripped naked in the crowd, the website's name scrawled across his chest. Rodriguez then shouted the name of the website six times before weaving his way through the throng wearing nothing but black sneakers.

After a brief sprint, Rodriguez was arrested, charged with indecency, and jailed for 26 hours at Philadelphia police headquarters.

He expected to win his million the next day.

But the billionaire hedged. David said he wanted to review video footage to make certain that Rodriguez was within eyesight - and earshot - of the president.

Rodriguez, in an interview with the Inquirer, said that he had met all the challenge's stipulations and he had the tape to prove it.

Then David demanded the White House confirm that Obama witnessed the event.

The White House had no comment.

On Thursday, David issued this statement:

"Mr. Rodriguez agreed that he was not able to complete all the criteria of the challenge.

"But he came so very close, and his personal story about why he decided to take such a risk for his family, moved me to provide him with a generous consolation prize."

When reached by phone Thursday afternoon, Rodriguez was surprised to hear he hadn't completed "all the criteria of the challenge."

"I didn't admit anything," he said. "But [David] did compensate me. We made an agreement."

Rodriguez, 24, could not discuss the terms any further. He said the deal included a nondisclosure agreement.

Was the deal was fair?

"I'm not going to bust his chops," Rodriguez said.

Will he do it again?

Newspapers in New York City Thursday were reporting David's announcement that Rodriguez would strike again. In front of a different head of state.

When told, Rodriguez was dumbstruck.

After a tortured silence, he said "I don't know where that information is coming from." Then he hung up.