The 13-year-old Upper Darby student attacked by seven other teens last month in a videotaped bullying incident that went viral experienced a happier kind of drama during a morning appearance on ABC's The View.

Nadin Khoury, accompanied by his parents, calmly fielded questions about being attacked by seven other teens, who dragged him through the snow, stuck him in a tree and then hung him by his jacket from a fence. Cellphone-shot video of the incident, aired on the show, put the case in the national spotlight,

It also led to felony assault and kidnapping charges against the other boys, ages 13 to 17.

Khoury said was he was singled out because "I'm one of the smallest ones" and "they saw my mom was African." Although some of the name calling and smart remarks happened at school, "the teacher would just sit there and not say anything," he said.

After sharing some sympathy and praise, cohost Elizabeth Hasselbeck mentioned they heard that Nadin was a major fan of the Philadelphia Eagles - and out walked Pro Bowl receiver DeSean Jackson, center Jamaal Jackson and guard Todd Herremans.

DeSean Jackson sat and put an arm around Khoury, then stood and removed his Eagles jersey, which he signed and handed to the lad. Tears streaked Khoury's cheeks as his mother, Rebecca Wright, cried next to stepfather Eric Wright.

The Eagles, who delayed their trip to the Super Bowl in Dallas, told Khoury they had his back - anybody who messes with him would have to deal with some football stars.

The players also offered the family free tickets for any game next season.

The alleged assailants were being held at a juvenile detention center, pending risk-assessment and mental health evaluations.

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