Asking nicely is often a wise course of action.

But maybe not when a drug deal is going down.

On Wednesday afternoon, please didn't prove to be a "magic word" in West Philadelphia.

Wednesday afternoon, a 28-year-old man was sitting on the steps of an apartment building on Master Street near 56th Street, when he saw two men attempting a possibly illicit transaction.

"Please don't do that in front of my apartment," the sitter said, according to police.

One of the men said, "Whatever," and started walking away.

Then the man changed his mind, turned around and shot the conscientious objector again and again.

Police found the victim in the car of a woman who called 911 shortly after 4:30 p.m.

He was taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania with gunshot wounds to both shins, both thighs and his left side, according to Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives.

His condition was critical at first, but was later upgraded to stable, according to Officer Tanya Little, a police spokeswoman.

The assailant was described only as a light-skinned African American in his mid 30s, she said.